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The glans or "head" is the most noticeable feature of the penis and changing the size and shape of it can really change the overall look of it, as well as allow you to gain length after exhausting gains from both the ligaments and the shaft. The head expansion exercises listed below break down into either length focused or width (girth) focused. To increase both, exercises that expand the tissues in both directions must be done equally.


The most common method is performed by kegeling in and trapping blood with a OK grip in the head and just below it until both feel firm (shaft not erect), or using a clamp at the base preferably then gently add pressure by sliding your OK grip toward the head until a stretching/pinching pressure is felt.The glans will become shiny and tight. This can also build slight shaft length over time. Hold the pressure as long as you can, switching hands/grip as your hand gets tired. It's best to hold for up to 5 minutes to avoid stagnant blood/discoloration. After 5 minutes of exercise, take 5 minutes to massage the tissues and restore circulation. Performed properly, the head will become stretched and tight, becoming shiny and over time small stretch marks might be seen as it grows. If you are not circumcised, be sure to have the foreskin covering the head so that it also receives the expansion. The presence of the foreskin will also focus the blood more to the tip, helping length gains.

I personally recommend the Cable Cuff Pro/Cable Clamp Pro medium size, with a short silicone sleeve or cloth/sock wrap to pad it. The reason I'm 6.5" girth and still growing is due to mainly clamping. DO NOT Kegel while clamped - this can cause pelvic floor issues due to the pressure involved.

Links to both the Cable Cuff Pro and the Cable Clamp Pro provided below (US and UK)

US Link UK Link


We'd recommend using a cut sleeve, folded over itself, to then clamp over - such as the ones we have - you can use the others with an ADS/ extender


This can be done by using the method described above (with same timing) and using your free hand to squeeze just below the head. Clamping can also produce head size/girth increases, but will also increase shaft and base girth.

Should you see red dots form on the head after the exercises, it is a sign that the pressure was too great and it needs to heal. Wait until the red dots on the head go away fully or they will become worse with each exercises session typically. Seeing small red dots on the shaft however is normal and will usually go away within 24-48 hours.

Combined, these exercises can produce huge head size increases over time. Years ago, my head was approx. 1"L x 3.5" and at last measurement was at 2.25'L x 6". Hope this helps guys struggling with head size/shape.

- M9ter

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