Indisputable Proof Penis Enlargement Works - The Science and Evidence Behind PE

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This article will cover

  1. Foreword
  2. Referenced, scientific explanation of the physical mechanisms behind penis enlargement
  3. High Quality, Peer reviewed enlargement studies and their findings
  4. Doctors that recognise Penis Enlargement, along with their verified qualifications, works, further details and how to contact
  5. Before and after photos from across the internet of guys who have enlarged their penis successfully, with links to hundreds more

1. Foreword

For myself, the strongest evidence is that I’ve literally seen it measurably happen to my penis. I've seen girls reactions change. I have lived it for myself. To me, that’s undeniable.

Many who have never tried it are naturally skeptical - as you should be - we’ve all seen the spam promising an impossible 2” in 4 weeks with a special pill or Chinese knock off device, leading many to label the entire industry as a scam, when this is not the case.

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The current stigma associated with a man wanting to enlarge his penis is such that few publicly advocate it, so an entire underground network of knowledge sharing and discussion has formed. Typically guys are introduced to this through hearing a whisper online or elsewhere, then discovering the rabbit hole for themselves, wondering ‘Why doesn’t every guy know about this!?’ and realising their potential is far greater than they had been led to believe.

Dismissing penis enlargement because some scams exist is just like dismissing muscle growth because some scam supplements exist. That doesn’t mean bodybuilding doesn’t build muscle! 

So, after addressing a few misconceptions, here is the evidence.

Note that while YES penis enlargement is possible, it takes hundreds of hours, adequate routines and a lot of effort to gain. 

You get out a function of what you put in - be that time, money, effort or learning. Such is life.

inputs outputs penis enlargement


2. The Science Behind Penis Enlargement

GetHung Blog Post on How Penis Enlargement Works

by Dr Richard Howard II PhD, MS+30, MPH

Penis enlargement hydropump diagram
The penis is a specialised vascular framework constructed to inflate to a rigid state called erection. The shaft consists of three chambers, the two corpora cavernous (CC) on the dorsal side and one corpus spongeosum (CS) which lies between CC on the ventral side. Within these chambers are prominent slit like spaces rich in blood cells - they are really modified veins also called vascular plexus. The slit like vascular spaces are composed of abundant amount of smooth muscle with lesser amounts of fibrous tissue, lined by endothelium, this is called erectile tissue. Separating the CC and CS is a very thick band of connective tissue called the tunica albuginea composed mostly of bi-layered collagen and elastic fibers. The elastic fibers form an irregularly latticed network on which collagen fibers rest. It is this elastic network that gives the penis elasticity, allowing it to expand and contract.
Penis Anatomy for enlargement
The limiting factor in PE is the tunica albuginea and septum composed of collagen and elastic tissue. The collagen is very tough connective tissue constructed by nature to insure optimum structural integrity or strength. Think of a tendon or ligament, this is also composed of collagen. Your body’s entire structural framework is composed mostly of collagen, including bone.
To cause the penis to grow, you must overcome the structural bonds of the collagen. Through sufficient traction called critical traction when applied consistently along the length and diameter of the penis, the collagen will separate and undergo remodelling to a larger size.
The interior tissue is composed mainly of the vascular plexus consisting of epithelium lining, with abundant smooth muscles and some fibrous tissue. When sufficient traction is applied to the collagen, this results in a controlled bond breaking/separation and remodeling process making the collagen longer and larger.
Think of separating a brick wall and filling it in with additional bricks resulting in a larger brick wall. The interior vascular plexus goes along for the ride, but itself is transformed into greater mass. The endothelium lining of the vascular slits undergoes mitosis, the abundant smooth muscle framework adjacent to the endothelium undergoes hypertrophy and mitosis (there are studies that support the proposition that mitosis can occur in smooth muscle cells), and the arteries and veins follow the same growth course mentioned above, with the remaining fibrous tissue undergoing remodeling. The slow growing peripheral nerves will grow and elongate when stimulated.
Therefore the entire package gets bigger under sufficient constructive critical traction, with the collagenous structure being the limiting factor. If the collagen bond breaking is sufficient, with cementing, the process is likely permanent.
A brief look at “nubie gains”. A “nubie” is a person never implementing PE. Once implemented he will experience characteristic easy gains. Unchallenged or unstressed collagen has slack or crimps allowing a stretching out scenario removing these crimps resulting in quick gains for the beginner. Under this condition, the collagen bonds generally remain intact until the critical traction level is applied.
The penis' attachment points are composed of collagenous tissue called ligaments and skeletal muscular tissue. The main ligaments are called suspensory ligaments and fundiform ligaments. The primary base muscles are called the bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles.
Penis enlargement Diagram
Ligaments are composed of densely packed collagen fibers which are white and relatively inelastic. Mechanical properties vary with shape and structural organisation. This connective tissues is characterised by sparse cellularity distributed within an extracellular matrix. Cells in tendons and ligaments are called fibroblasts. These ligaments consist of 70-80% collagen and 20% fibroblasts. Upon initiating traction the crimps of the ligament collagen are pulled out or straightened first, then additional traction triggers molecular transformation via molecular bond breaking and remodelling, again resulting in longer, larger ligaments.
penis anatomy ligaments enlargement photo
The skeletal muscles called bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles are attachment points at the base of the penis, therefore traction will elicit the same changes in them as arm curls will elicit in your biceps and triceps. Whilst under traction, all muscular tissue at the base of the penis will undergo hypertrophy, strengthen and thus enlarge.
[GH Note - look up AlphaDestiny and the avian muscle growth study to show muscle can grow superbly through weighted stretching


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GetHung's Explanation:

The main reason penis enlargement works is because of Davis' Law. Here are some quotes from the Wikipedia article linked:

“Intermittent stretch causes collagenous tissues to hypertrophy until the resulting increase in strength reduces elongation in tension to some minimum level”. 

"Similar to the behaviour of bony tissues this adaptational response occurs only if the mechanical strain exceeds a certain threshold value. Harold Frost proposed that for dense collagenous connective tissues the related threshold values are around 23 Newton/mm2 or 4% strain elongation.”
remodelling bone tension


(Note - the above diagram is from the Mechanostat model, based on Wolff's Law, which Davis' Law is based on)

"Harold Frost applied the Mechanostat model not only to skeletal tissues but also to fibrous collagenous connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons and fasciaHe described their adaptational responsiveness to strain in his stretch-hypertrophy rule"

Note that this hypertrophy is also lengthwise and using an ‘all day stretcher’ to keep the penis in the elongated state is vital to consolidate these gains, so your penis gets longer, not just stronger.

The 23 N/mm2 figure needs to be viewed in the context that the penis is not 100% collagen - it contains collagen FIBRES - which have the highest critical strain threshold and are thus the limiting factor in PE- so most penis enlargement surgeons, who prescribe extenders for after ligament cutting surgery - state a figure of 8-10 lbs (as told to me by Dr Howard and the founders of LGHanger, who will be mentioned later). The real big big gainers (3"+) eventually had to get up to 40lbs to cross the 10” x 7” level as the collagen fibres thickened.

Further research has suggested that "hyperplasia" is possible too - new cells are created - rather than just the existing ones simply growing.

This is the same principle behind how medical bone lengthening, braces and expanding piercings work. 

To all the skeptics out there - every tissue in the body can enlarge under traction - why not the penis?

braces bone moving traction

Braces can literally make solid bone move with constant traction

long neck bone extending traction davis law

Burmese women use rings to lengthen their necks

lip stretching traction proof tribe

Expanding piercings are widespread.

(Note: newbie gains are EASY to make for almost anyone - even if you really can't be asked, why not get another 0.75" in length?)


3. Peer Reviewed Enlargement studies

(For those who scream there are no studies, these are for you)


“This paper is primarily concerned with traction as a Peyronie's treatment. It overviews several studies on traction devices. Those studies pretty consistently find that using a traction device increases penis length. A few studies found an increase in penis girth, but most either didn't measure girth or found no change.” (Credit: r/manualPE)


“This study directly looks at using traction devices to enlarge healthy penises. They find that after 6 months of traction their patients had a mean gain of 1.7 ± 0.8, 1.3 ± 0.4, and 1.2 ± 0.4 cm for the flaccid, stretched, and erected penile lengths, respectively.” (Credit: r/manualPE)

3. Sizegenetics Peer Reviewed Clinical Study:

"The penile extender provokes a linear and time-dependent gain in length of ≈0.5 cm per month, according to the manufacturer’s leaflet. By contrast, we documented a maximum elongating effect after the first month that progressively decreased in the subsequent intervals"
Note that the subjects gained more than half their gains (0.94 cm) in just the first month and after 5 more months the total gain from the 6 months was just under double that of the first month
Average total gain was 1.76cm.
Solid study and fits our theories of newbie gains and plateau very well. (We discuss how to smash plateaus in our blog later!)


4. Phallosan Forte Peer Reviewed Clinical Study:

"All patients experienced growth in both length and girth. The success of the patients depended very much on the daily wearing time. Patients who had worn PHALLOSAN up to 10 hours a day experienced the greatest increase."


Note: Yes some studies may notice no results - such as one jelqing study loved by the haters - this doesn't mean that enlargement isn't possible - only that enlargement didn't happen using the prescribed method and individuals

As said before: 

Dismissing penis enlargement because some ineffective methods exist is just like dismissing muscle growth because some ineffective workouts/ supplements exist. That doesn’t mean bodybuilding doesn’t build muscle! 

The above high quality, peer reviewed and comprehensive studies show clear, positive evidence that penis enlargement is possible and can work


4. Doctors That Recognise Penis Enlargement

Dr Richard R. Howard II, Dr PH, MS, MPH

dr howard penis enlrgement

“MeCoach: Dr. Howard II is a 20+ year male enhancement expert who personally gained 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth.”
He has very literally tried everything done it himself for DECADES and has great explanations of the mechanisms behind P.E. 
We have a great, referenced, article of his on our blog:


Dr Alexander A. Krakovsky MD, PhD, DrSc, FAAPS

Dr krakovsky penis enlargement doctor

Extremely qualified plastic surgeon who runs his own practice
Here is a list of (some) awards he has won, just to show the calibre of doctor he is:
1. 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the Millennium for 2005
2. 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in the World for 2008
3. Honorary Professor of Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons
4. Honorary Professor of South East Asia College of Cosmetic Surgery
5. Honorary Member of French Society of Aesthetic Surgeons
6. America’s Most Compassionate Doctor for 2009


Raymond Roberts, M.D.

raymond roberts md

"[with this routine] gains of up to two or even three inches in length are possible... I heartily recommend this program for enlargement."


Dr. Michael Sohn

Dr Sohn penis enlargement

Chief Physician of a Frankfurt urological clinic (Google: Herr Prof. Dr. med. Michael Sohn)
In January 2005 a clinical study of the effectiveness of the Phallosan Forte Device was carried out under the patronage of Professor Dr. Sohn, Chief Physician at a German urological clinic. The data was collected and evaluated by the clinic's senior consultant, Dr. Hanikel.
“All patients experienced growth in both length and girth.”
“All patients confirmed that PHALLOSAN could be worn without pain for many hours.”
 Published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2006, page 77 (So it is peer reviewed!)
From Google: “The Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) is a peer-reviewed medical journal published on behalf of the International Society for Sexual Medicine”
Pretty airtight study.


Dr. Stephen Giunta, M.D

dr giunta penis enlargement

Source - with endorsement of penis enlargement
"Certified Plastic Surgeon - Virginia, United States
Medical Institution: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International
Position: Chief of Aesthetic Surgery
Overview: Dr. Giunta is one of the foremost aesthetic surgeons in the United States and focuses on the fields of girth, length, and male sexual enhancement. With over 33 years of surgical experience on both men and women, Dr. Giunta is familiar with the importance of sexual health. Dr. Giunta is also certified by three medical boards and featured in numerous peer reviewed publications.”


Dr. Ruslan Petrovich, M.D.

ruslan petrovic penis enlargement doctor study

Source - with endorsement of penis enlargement
"Certified Urologist - Moscow, Russia
Medical Institution: National Medical Surgical Center of Russia
Position: Chief of Department of Urology Website:
Overview: Dr. Petrovich is one of the leading urologists in Europe with over 20 years of surgical, and clinical experience. As a certified urologist for the National Medical Surgical Center of Russia, Dr. Petrovich is involved in the technological development of urological medicine. Dr. Petrovich is a strong supporter of the penis stretcher as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery.”


5. Before and After Photos

I would like to thank all those who have posted their progress photos across the internet for others to see. Most guys are naturally very reluctant to publish their own photos, so finding good, clear progress photos was quite the challenge!

These are not photoshopped and have been scrutinised by thousands of eagle eyed forum members across the internet

Sizegenetics Extender Users

(Sizegenetics Website)

The Sizegenetics is a very popular, high quality penis extender that uses constant traction to elongate the penis. We explain more about these devices elsewhere on the blog.


Before - After

penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results

Joe went from far below average to average, gained some girth and enjoyed his gains.




penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results

Another smaller starter who gained decent length and some girth too




penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results 2


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results testimonial

Seems like he gained around 1" length and some girth too.





Girth Before

penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results girth

Girth After

penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results girth


penis enlargement sizegenetics extender results

Richard is now very well hung indeed


M9ter (GetHung Hall of Famer) and admin of r/ajelqforyou

(Note - he only started taking progress photos recently, so he doesn't have any of his starting size  - a few decades back!) His success story is further on in this article.


Current Size (9") and Max Girth 7" (after a girth workout) - Started at 5"!

Thunderspace: Stan - Big Gainer

thunderspace stan penis enlargement



LGHanger User Before and After (With additional ligament cut surgery by Dr Krakovsky)


before penis enlargement

after penis enlargement


Good Looking Loser

His Own Gains

More of his gains


DoubleLongDaddy (GetHung Hall of Famer)

Started Small, Now 10.5"

Verified By Salon and GQ Magazine - although some of his older photos are disputed, his size is now verified

Reddit Source Image


Reddit: u/Looking2Grow

Before | After 


Some More Links I've Compiled

LGHanger Testimonials | Reddit Compilation 1 | 2 | 3 | Reddit Example 1 | 2 | 
(Note thunderspace requires [free] membership) | Bennett8 - From Small to Above Average!  | Thunderspace compilation 1 | compilation 2 | compilation 3


If you still think that penis enlargement doesn't work, contact us and we can put you in touch with some of the very, very qualified doctors mentioned above.

If anyone has any more studies, before & after photos, scientifc information or other proof, send it to us at so we can spread the word.


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