How Large Can You Get From Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Key Points to Bear In Mind

Your final size is dependent on:

1. Your genetics

2. The work you put in (time under tension, recovery, supplementation)

3. Time investment

In a simplified model, these are your 'inputs' into the enlargement process. The body's recovery and penile growth is the 'output'. Penis enlargement is a bodily response to different stressors you place on your body, much like expanding piercings or braces!

Penis inputs outputs

Lets Look At The 3 Inputs More Closely

Genetics - a wide variety of genes affect penis growth, from hormone production during puberty to thickness of the collagen layers. You can't change your genes. So thats's of little interest for enlargement.

TimeTime is a MULTIPLIER. More time doing PE means more adaptation to the stresses, proportionate to time increase

NOTE: Due to the Biological Law of Accommodation, unless you vary your methods, the additional size gained for every time period will eventually PLATEAU as the body adapts to the stressors. Much like squatting 100kg will only increase your quadriceps size so much.

The Law of Accommodation means that although a dedicated newbie may be able to gain 1 inch in 6 months through low intensity, manual exercises, unless they introduce new stressors, their gains will plateau! This is because to start off with there is 'slack' in the penile collagen fibres and ligaments holding it in, so light force will straighten out the slacks.

However, in order to progress beyond the initial newbie length wins of 0.5"-1.75" (varies), higher intensity is required.


(Note: The bottom right portion of the curve ought to be asymptotic to the x axis, as the gain tends to 0 over time)

How To Beat The Law of Accommodation

Now we know that although there are easy beginner gains that people love to talk about, in order to get past every training plateau you need *new stressors* and there is a limit to what can be done manually (grip strength, effort, time are limiting factors). The idea that you can have unlimited gains without any devices is at best very wishful thinking and at worst pure BS.

Stressors - There are a variety of different methods for inducing stress on the penis to grow, varying in intensity and target

Each method will have its own plateau over time

Here are the thoughts of Dr Richard Howard II PhD, MS, MPH and founder of, on the LGHanger blog that I was given permission to republish here. He has himself gained many inches over the years and helped hundreds of men do the same.

Size Expectations

Monday, February 24, 2014

By  Richard R. Howard  II, Dr.PH,  MS, MPH
Dr Richard Howard II
One of the most frequent questions I get asked in PE, which you can probably guess is how big can I get and how long will it take. Because each person is different in terms of the genetic potential, their enthusiasm, their learning habits, available time this can vary.

The best that I can give is a generalization, a composite picture of the possibilities, given current technology. We at LG Hanger are constantly experimenting with new designs and redesigned protocols of time durations, weight intensity, and innovative positions to push the limits of possibilities. As in every field, limits are constantly pushed. Take for example bodybuilding equipment, today compared to  years ago; current equipment can cause much more muscularity because of their design and efficiency than their counterparts some years ago. As we progress with new PE design products the same will be true. In bodybuilding, I remember once to break the 20 inch bicep was a record, now a 20 inch bicep while not frowned on, is not necessarily a big deal.

progression in results over time 

(Above is the world record progression in the men's pole vault as an example. Another good one would be that of Roger Bannister's 4 minute mile - viewed as impossible - yet after he had done it dozens more did so in a short space afterwards - ceilings get broken over time!)
So let’s get to the point, given the traction devices such as the LG Hanger,  Bib Hanger, computer-generated vacuum pumps and so on, one can expect a range of 1 to 3+ inches in length and almost that in girth. As a very rough rule of thumb I will indicate that one can expect to gain on average 1 inch a year, though I have known some to gain a little less and some to gain a good bit more. So in general are looking at several years for multiple inch gains.
I tell prospective student that through optimum workouts the current upper limit of expectation would be to multiply the current size penis (pre-PE) by 1.6 and this will give you an approximation of the upper generic possibilities at this time.
As stated I’m working on new technology and new methodology that I think in the near future will cause significant breakthroughs and I think adding 4 to 5 inches in length will be reasonable and accessible.

King snake penis enlargement

Image: Kingsnake - who hit 10.5" x 7" with the LGHanger (video here) - is a great example of just how big you can get with the right tools and years of hard work.
(GH Note - Dr Howard has himself gained 3" in length and 2" in girth)
In conclusion, we at LG Hanger are striving for innovations, and constantly reflecting on possibilities. We have the technical capacity in terms of machinery and equipment to build almost anything that we can conceive.
I feel in the near future a young man can go from average size to 9 to 10 inches in length and 7 inches in girth; this will be a reasonable expectation for the dedicated student. The sky’s the limit, and one must look to the stars.
GetHung's Opinion
Dr Howard: 60% in both length and girth ==> 1.6x1.6² = 1.6³=4.096x increase in total area (note girth increases area by its square)
With years of good training, we certainly think 10"x7" is possible and know of people who have achieved it and all decided to stop at around this size, despite being able to get larger!
(Note - people will always moan from the sidelines "But I don't know anyone whose done that - so it's not possible!" - well most people don't know any professional bodybuilders - doesn't mean they don't exist!)
Much like there is no fixed ceiling to maximum lean muscle mass or raw bench, there is no fixed ceiling for penis size increase. All we can say is that a very dedicated practitioner may be able to reach 10"x7", so we know the limit is certainly above that. (If you really want to see some gains beyond that, check out some extreme cases of priapism)

10"x7" is a 1 in 1,000,000 SIZE


horse cartoon surprised

Check out our legendary gainers hall of fame for some of the top gainers in the community.



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