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Here it is folks.... I'm posting pretty much everything relevant to producing huge girth gains. Warning: I take absolutely NO responsibility for you doing harm to yourself. Its your body and you are responsible for keeping yourself safe.

The key ingredient behind all of these techniques is introducing stress onto the shaft and head using manual or mechanical pressure and holding it to force the tissues apart and create microtears which then heal, causing the growth as these tears are filled in with new cells.

(Stress + Time = Growth)

Please note that all the techniques produce fluid buildup and weaker erections immediately following the sessions. Waiting to heal will allow erections to return to normal or as firm as the weakened tissues will allow. Once PE has been ceased, firmness will return once all healing (days to weeks) has occurred. All sessions are kept to 5 minutes of exercises, then 5 minutes of massage to restore circulation. Holding for longer periods can produce stagnant blood and excess dark discolouration of the shaft skin. Sessions of 30-60 minutes done every other day to allow healing/cell production seem to produce the best results. Experiencing small red dots on the shaft during/after a session is normal and goes away in 24-48 hours. Should you see red dots form on your glans, stop any exercises until it fully heals because doing the exercises while the red dots are still visible will only make them worse. If your head/shaft are bloated following a girth routine, it will be hard to urinate straight so you may want to use something to direct the flow of urine or sit on the toilet...haha!

Beginner exercises

Overall girth increase

Modified Jelqing. This is NOT your normal jelqing with reps, strokes, etc. FORGET about counting the reps or trying to actually complete a rep. The key is using your lubed OK grip, kegeling in blood, closing your grip and repeating until you are about 90% full. Once its mostly full but not stiff, slowly move the the OK grip up the shaft until you feel pressure, which will cause a slightly painful stretching sensation. The lower on the shaft (toward the base) you create pressure, the more of the shaft will experience expansion. Hold that as long as you can (30 seconds, until your hand tires, etc), then repeat or switch hands. Do 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off to massage the tissues and regain circulation. The expansion this creates is very noticeable and produces decent fluid buildup, with the head, etc bloating significantly. Should you experience red dots like pin pricks on the shaft, that's normal and will increase the more the pressure is increased. Nothing to worry about.

Shaft Girth Only

Set yourself up the same as the modified Jelqing routine, but use your free hand to grip below the head (OK grip) with your hand opposing the other, like you would hold a video game controller. Kegel in blood so that it is trapped in the shaft, in between your hand grips until it feels tight. Once you feel tight (head should not be erect) with only blood in the center, slowly force both your grips together. This will produce high pressure, so be careful and watch for any pain other than a stretching sensation. Hold the "squash" as long as you can like a modified jelq. DO NOT Kegel while performing the technique (under pressure).

Head Girth

See M9ter's great Head Size and Shape Post

Advanced Exercises

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try these techniques first before performing the beginner routines....! You risk serious damage until your tissues have been conditioned to handle the tremendous stress that these techniques can produce.


I personally recommend the Cable Cuff Pro/Cable Clamp Pro medium size, with a short silicone sleeve or cloth/sock wrap to pad it. The reason I'm 6.5" girth and still growing is due to mainly clamping. DO NOT Kegel while clamped - this can cause pelvic floor issues due to the pressure involved.

Links to both the Cable Cuff Pro and the Cable Clamp Pro provided below (US and UK)

US LinkUK Link


We'd recommend using a cut sleeve, folded over itself, to then clamp over - such as the ones we have - you can use the others with an ADS/ extender

Overall Girth Increase

With the clamp and padding on the base, get erect to just before it's fully hard, now tighten and see how many clicks you can tighten it until the pressure builds to a stretching level pressure. Go ONE click at a time and hit the release button the second the pressure feels too high. This builds a little of both length/girth.

Head and Base Girth

As above, setup the clamp and get the clamp tightened just ONE click, get 90% erect, tighten more clicks until the pressure just starts to be felt, then squeeze below the head. The shaft and head will really expand and feel like very tight. Squeeze just hard enough (carefully) to feel the stretching feeling throughout the head and shaft. Had one guy freak with the expansion from his first session...haha.

Shaft Girth Only

Setup the clamp the same as above but instead of squeezing below the head, squeeze the head instead. Really forces the shaft to expand.


Basically recreating a full priapism "episode" that a friend of mine once had that increased his dimensions .25" in both length and girth permanently after experiencing priapism for 4 hours straight. This technique is experimental and should only be attempted by very advanced PE users. Basically, you're performing the modified jelqs or clamping sessions for a combined total of 240 minutes (8 hours if doing 5 on, 5 off as described above) Yes, its pure insanity and I have only attempted it twice and in both cases my hands gave out..haha.

You might need some Viagra/Cialis to do that.


Signs of growth

Typically guys will see a huge temporary increase in girth due to fluid buildup/bloating (goes away in hours), with slow permanent increases as the weeks/month progress. The first few sessions to first few weeks may produce a harder/smaller (feels like a pipe) flaccid size due to the body's natural reaction to the exercises. This in time will pass as the tunica walls break down and the flaccid size begins to appear significantly larger than before PE was started. The period from the beginning of PE exercises to seeing gains can take up to 6 weeks before the tissues have been broken down sufficiently and gains will start to become easily visible. Patience at this time is key. You may experience stretching of every part of the penis during the exercises which will sometimes create "growing pains" as the healing occurs on the off days.

Feel the sides of your shaft while semi-erect. At first you may only feel smoothness and possibly "ribs" but as the sessions continue the cell walls will break down and you will start to feel it breaking down and will eventually feel like a woven cloth/fine bumpy texture feeling. Thats the sign the tissues are broken down and growth can/will occur fastest. I used to call it getting in the "gain zone" years ago. Once you stop PE, your smooth texture under the skin will return once healing is complete. Lastly, a good indicator of growth is fluid displacement. A fast gainer here just reminded me of this good growth indicator. The fluid buildup over time during a workout will diminish as the shaft tissue slowly grows and displaces the fluid with new mass. It's growing...! Eventually, as the shaft occupies more and more of the space between the shaft and skin formerly filled by fluid, there won't be much fluid buildup under the skin during a workout as you begin to stretch the skin while the shaft fights for space.

In conclusion

These techniques have received plenty of feedback by guys here and on other PE sites and are proven to work. PLEASE take it slow and watch for any pain other than the stretching feeling. Pain is a bad sign and you should stop immediately when pain is felt. Should you want both length and girth, it's been found to be easier to gain length first, then girth since the thicker the shaft gets the harder/more resistance you will encounter to counteract the stretching. Lastly, using these techniques, I have not experienced any plateau or stoppage of growth. As long as I keep gently upping the pressure as my body adapts it keeps growing....!

- M9ter

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