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For many people, overall length is what quantifies as "size" to them regardless of girth. Unlike girth exercises, length exercises are almost exclusively dependent on the amount of time the penis is under stress or "traction" as the medically proven penis extenders refer to it. The longer you can remain in traction, typically the longer the penis becomes. I usually recommend using jelqing of some kind (preferably modified, see Monster Girth 101) to break down the surrounding tissues so that the stretching forces are primarily transmitted directly to the ligaments anchoring the penis to the body. Girth exercises done before length exercises will not typically add girth, but instead translate into length increases since all the stress following the girth routine(s) is being generated towards length. In the past, I used the combination of girth exercise and use of an ADS (all day stretcher-weight) to gain approximately 1.5" over the course of several months of constantly wearing it for 8+ hours daily. Please keep in mind that too much length will limit your ability to penetrate completely and increase chances of hitting a woman's cervix, which can be quite painful. Lastly, it is the general consensus that it is best to gain your length first before focusing on girth since as girth adds more mass, it becomes harder and harder to stretch the enlarged tissues. Remember that the longer time you can stretch, the longer it becomes. With that in mind...on to the exercises.


Manual Stretching

The basic starting point for manual (hand) based exercises. Be sure to wash and disinfect your hands before starting to avoid urinary tract infections. There are MANY methods (grip styles, pulling direction, etc) to this so its best to research for yourself what is out there and determine what works best for you. The most basic technique is to grip below the head/head itself/shaft and pull straight out with moderate force. No pain should be felt other than a possible soreness at the base after a 15-60 minute session. Using a grip aid product or baby powder can help prevent slipping. I preferred a 5 minute exercise, 5 minute off massaging to restore circulation and alternating back and forth. Watch for any numbness, tingling, or discolouration (stagnant blood) as these are signs to stop/change your grip to allow for more circulation. Nerve damage can occur by using too much force or gripping too tightly. If you are performing girth routines before the length exercises, only minimal force (over time) is needed to stretch the tissues/ligaments to see growth in length.


Be sure to wash and disinfect your device every now and then before using them to avoid urinary tract infections. Appearing in recent years as a medically reviewed and approved product for penile lengthening and straightening. They can be made even more effective when a 'shockloading' girth routine is performed before a stretching session. Many extender companies include girth routines like jelqing instructions with their products, so my girth/shockloading advice appears to be validated by the extender companies. As for results, if used without including girth execises to shockload the typical formula found online is that 1000 hours in "traction" will produce 1 inch of permanent length increase, with higher/more modern traction models (6 lbs of force) producing similar results in 600-750 hours. In general, extenders can be painful to wear for the significant periods of time required and it can be difficult to secure the privacy required to see results. Forget trying to wear one under your clothes during work unless you are starting very small since it creates a massive bulge under clothing and is not designed for walking with it on. Been there, tried that..haha. To make the extender the most effective, choose a model that offers multiple comfort options to increase the likelihood of being able to wear it for the time required to see results. Currently the safest attachment option is the vacuum cup style. In general, buy the cheapest model you can with the most comfort options just in case you can't wear it so you aren't wasting too much money. AVOID any noose/loop style securing method as it will cause damage..! Best bang for the buck is to get the base model and buy the strongest tension springs they offer in their parts catalog and swap out the stock ones to maximize gains. The stronger the force/tension/weight the faster the gains.

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As with manual stretching you should be checking constantly for any tingling, numbness, or discoloration and stop immediately should those signs or pain be felt. Experiment with what is comfortable for you and use it to wear for as long as your free time allows. Take a break every hour to inspect for damage/discoloration and restore circulation.

ADS Devices

Be sure to wash and disinfect your device semi-regularly before using to avoid urinary tract infections. Known as All Day Stretchers, these are usually some form of light to moderate (2-6 lbs) weight system that can be worn discretely beneath clothing. My own preferred method and the most comfortable of all the stretching methods. AVOID all noose/loop style securing methods as it will cause damage..! Pretty much all of the cheap weight systems will cause you some serious nerve damage due to the cutoff of circulation to the head. The method I used to recommend (Circle device by Dfrance inc) is no longer sold unfortunately. New devices such as the ESL40, Sodiums Lanyard setup, and products from are good\inexpensive alternatives until a new PE weight source can be found. Essentially, the more weight you can safely hang for longer periods of time the faster the results. As with manual stretching you should be checking constantly for any tingling, numbness, or discoloration and stop immediately should those signs or pain be felt. Take a break every hour to inspect for damage/discoloration and restore circulation.

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Heavy weight hanging

For those who have experience stretching and have conditioned their skin/tissues to handle the forces that heavy weights and other techniques can produce. Heavy weight hanging produces faster length gains from shorter (15-60 mins per day) sessions but can also increase base girth as the tissues attempt to counteract the forces applies to them. This method can be far more dangerous than manual stretching, ADS, or extenders. DO NOT try to hang heavy weights to start with...!!! Just like standard body builder/weight lifting, work you way up with very light weights and see what you can safely attach to yourself without producing pain. ANY pain, numbness, tingling, discoloration is a bad sign and you should discontinue your exercise and reduce the weight/change position/change hanging method. The only serious injury I've seen over the years from PE exercises was a man who hung 75+ pounds directly to his head using a noose attachment method and was badly injured and required surgery. Play it safe...use very light weight to start..! For attachment methods, AVOID ALL NOOSE types since they will cause nerve damage from circulation loss. Attachment styles that are proven safe include the vacuum attachment style, manual grip method (using your hand to grip the penis and hanging the weight from your wrist) or specialty products such as the BIB hanger (clamp method). Be sure to wash and disinfect your device before using to avoid urinary tract infections. In regards to vacuum hangers, watch for blood blisters forming on the head when using heavier weights. As with all PE exercises, take it slow, watch for warning signs, take breaks every few minutes to restore circulation, and most importantly BE PATIENT..!

Below is a link to a weight hanging setup similar to my heavy weight setup. Simply loop the fabric over the hand/wrist as you hold your glans - check it out for yourself

GRIP SPRAY (sports grip, usually contains rosin or another tacky substance)( I used ACE brand) - have a look at the one I use

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