Size Matters

In this blog post I am going to explain what led me to the conclusion that 'Penis Size Matters'. Although I initially set out to write an 'indisputable proof' I realised a lot of the best evidence is, at least to some extent, subjective. Hence I will present what led me to come to the conclusion that penis size is very important, in a variety of ways, and let you decide for yourselves.


1. Studies about the impacts of different penis sizes

2. Some of the underpinning biology

3. If it matters to you - then it sure does matter!

3. Experiences of men who have undergone an increase in penis size

4. More subjective evidence from literature, life and other sources

5. Male-Male competition

6. Conclusion



1. Studies and Academic Texts About the Impacts of Different Penis Sizes

In this section I'll present various studies which clearly show how variations in penis size can 'matter' with regards to female sexual preference and perceived attractiveness, amongst other things.

These will obviously have knock-on-effects on to areas such as your own confidence, dating success and relationship outcomes as a whole.

Although almost all of the areas a larger penis benefits we'll cover (such as female sexual preference and the sexual experience) can also be affected by other factors (such as good looks, sexual stamina and height) - penis size is a very important variable in many of man's deepest desires. To deny it plays a role in these areas - given that we know for a fact penis enlargement DOES work - is denying men the ability to reach their fullest potential.



Full Study: Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness | PDF | Summary

Featured in: Scientific American | The Canberra Times | NatureNBC et al.


"Compelling evidence from many animal taxa indicates that male genitalia are often under postcopulatory sexual selection for characteristics that increase a male’s relative fertilization success. There could, however, also be direct precopulatory female mate choice based on male genital traits. Before clothing, the nonretractable human penis would have been conspicuous to potential mates. This observation has generated suggestions that human penis size partly evolved because of female choice. Here we show, based upon female assessment of digitally projected life-size, computer-generated images, that penis size interacts with body shape and height to determine male sexual attractiveness. Positive linear selection was detected for penis size, but the marginal increase in attractiveness eventually declined with greater penis size (i.e., quadratic selection). Penis size had a stronger effect on attractiveness in taller men than in shorter men. There was a similar increase in the positive effect of penis size on attractiveness with a more masculine body shape (i.e., greater shoulder-to-hip ratio). Surprisingly, larger penis size and greater height had almost equivalent positive effects on male attractiveness. Our results support the hypothesis that female mate choice could have driven the evolution of larger penises in humans. More broadly, our results show that precopulatory sexual selection can play a role in the evolution of genital traits."

penis size attractiveness australian study

Figure 1: Figures representing the most extreme height, shoulder-to-hip ratio, and penis size (±2 SD) (Right and Left) in comparison with the average (Center figure) trait values.

Penis Size attractiveness graph study with height and body shape

Figure 2: Contour map of the fitness surface (red: more attractive) for (A) penis length and shoulder-to-hip ratio (height controlled) and (B) penis length and height (shoulder-to-hip ratio controlled) (1 = mean attractiveness).

 Note that this study also shows some of the limitations of penis enlargement - if you are extremely overweight and very short, the benefits of a slightly larger penis are likely to be much less than if you have the body of an Adonis and are 6ft+ 

(If you're very short height wise - check this out from the legend Good Looking Loser and if you're struggling to put on muscle, check out Alphadestiny on Youtube)



Umit Sayin - Female Orgasmic Consciousness: New Horizons - SexUs Journal 2 (4): 117-145, 2017, June

[Read a basic guide on female orgasms from us here if you'd like the gist]

Female orgasm zones diagram gethung

"Deep Vaginal Erogenous Zones (DVZs) include G-Spot, inner clitoral structures of the clitoral complex, A-Spot, O-Spot, Cervix, Pelvic Floor Muscles (PC-Muscle), which have been proposed to be functional in some of the ESR-high orgasmic women to trigger different forms of orgasm patterns. The frequencies of occurrences of these areas have not yet been investigated extensively and in detail. The areas with stars are likely to trigger orgasms in a small group of women. U-Spot, although proposed by Morris in 2004, have not yet been identified in the literature and in our surveys. It has been reported that female orgasms can be mediated and triggered by various forms of stimulation of glans clitoris, inner clitoris of clitoral complex, G-Spot, A-Spot, O-Spot, Anus, Cervix, PFM, Nipples, Ear Lobes, and the brain."

Below is a diagram from the same study, show just how complex the female orgasm (based on our current understanding) really can be

how female orgasms work explained Gethung



"... A male chimp solicits a female by opening his legs, displaying an erect penis and flicking his phallus with a finger as he gazes at a potential partner. A prominent, distinctive penis helps broadcast one's individuality and sexual vigor, which may lure female friends. In many species of insects and primates, males have exceptionally elaborate penises, and scientists think these evolved specifically because females chose those males with elaborate, sexually stimulating genitals. So perhaps as Lucy's ancestors became bipedal some four million years ago, males began to parade their genitals in order to make special friends with favored females--selecting for those with large organs."

(Fisher, H. (1992) Anatomy of Love: The Mysteries of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray. Simon & Schuster, New York, 1992. pp. 177)

"One characteristic among primates has been clearly targeted for possible selection by Fisherian female choice--male penis size. Primate males living in groups with many females and many males, groups in which promiscuity is the mating rule, have long penes (Dixon 1978). Male chimps, in fact, use their penes for display toward estrous females. Because a longer penis would give a female pleasure (note that the human male has the longest and thickest penis of any primate), female choice might have been a factor driving penis length to extremes among primates."

(Small, Meredith F. (1993) Female choices: Sexual behavior of female primates. Cornell Univ. Press, Ithaca, 1993 pp. 109)
"An excessively large penis produced by epigamic selection would be no less effective in delivering sperm than one of optimal length, but a substantially shorter (than optimal) penis would obviously place its owner's ejaculates at a disadvantage in competition with those deposited by a longer organ. Therefore it may be possible to test some predictions of the ejaculate delivery/sperm competition hypothesis for human penis length and distinguish this function from one of display."

(Robert L. Smith (1984) Human Sperm Competition. in Sperm Competition and the Evolution of Animal Mating Systems pp. 631)

"The large average size of the human penis (five to six inches, versus three for chimps, and one-half that for gorillas) may have been, evolutionists speculate, to frighten other males. Or to attract females. Or to enhance their pleasure. Perhaps the best hypothesis is that the longer penis delivers sperm more closely to the eggs: today's biologists claim that for females who mated with several males, the male with the longest penis delivered his sperm more safely."

(Margulis, L & Sagan, D. (1991) Mystery Dance, On the Evolution of Human Sexuality: Summit Books, New York pp. 23)

"Based on this analysis of the adaptive functions of female orgasm, we can start to understand why the female clitoris remained small and relatively hard to stimulate, while the male penis enlarged to unprecedented proportions in our linage. Maintenance of a small, relatively hidden, and relatively hard-to-stimulate clitoris enhanced female discernment and choosiness with respect to assessing sexual stimulation by males. A larger, more protuberant clitoris which could have been effectively stimulated by almost any tactile contact, however inept, would have made its female bearer less able to judge the relative stimulation capabilities of different males. She might have mated with less sexually competent males and produced less sexually competent sons."

(Miller, Geoffrey F. (1994) Evolution of the human brain through runaway sexual selection: the mind as a protean courtship device. unpublished thesis. pp. 215)



2. Some of the Biology around penis size

TL;DR A larger penis provides access to deeper erogenous zones + stronger Female Orgasms (improving sexual partner retention and the sexual experience)

Note that us guys *instinctually* know SIZE HELPS A LOT!

Source - Below text is slightly edited from

Vaginal Satisfaction, Stimulation From Penis Length

It's not difficult to understand why larger penises cause more vaginal satisfaction than smaller penises. It's widely agreed that a vagina doesn't have many touch sensitive nerves past the first third (see Alfred Kinsey's research). However, these vaginal walls are responsive to deep tissue pressure. Both longer and thicker penises create more pressure in these walls.

Why women prefer longer penises
  • Deep stimulation of back of vagina
  • Stimulation of uterus
  • More friction along vaginal walls
  • Allows more sex positions (as some reduce 'insertable length')
  • Penis won't slip out during heavy thrusting
It is worth noting that sometimes women feel discomfort or even pain when being penetrated by a long penis. Usually the penis isn't actually too long however. It is rather the fact that the vagina was not ready to receive a lengthy penis. A vagina needs to go through a few different stages before being ready for full penetration.
When a vagina is in relaxed state (no arousal) the cervix rests at about three to four inches away from the vagina opening. The vagina walls are collapsed against each other, leaving hardly any space in between. During arousal the vagina walls start to secrete a lubricant causing wetness and then the first few inches of the vagina expand a little, creating some space. Many guys take this as a sign that the woman is ready to be fully penetrated. Doing this with an average - long penis will hit the cervix frontally, causing discomfort or pain.
relaxed vagina
Men often don't give the vagina the time to become "tented". This is when the cervix retracts in the body and the inner two third of the vagina walls open apart. Only at this point is a woman ready to receive heavy thrusting, especially when the penis is long

Diagram of a Tented vagina: Woman's reproductive organs in aroused state. Notice how the uterus has pulled upwards and frontwards (anterior), allowing the vagina to expand dramatically. This vagina is ready to receive a large penis.

tented vagina

If the guy also knows how to adjust his angle to make sure his penis doesn't bump the cervix directly, he can give the woman tremendous repetitive uterine orgasmsCheck out some BBC porn. These are caused by the rhythmic stimulation of the penis glans against a region high in the back of the vagina, called the 'epicenter' or E-zone. It is just above the cervix on the front wall of the vagina.
large penis in vagina
Diagram Below: Penetration by a small penis (length 3-5 inch). When the erection is very hard, the penis will still give a lot of pressure and friction to one side of the vagina. It won't be able to directly stimulate the uterus and the back of the vagina however.
small penis sex
Women report that even if they don't achieve a uterine orgasm they still enjoy the sensations caused by the rhythmic movement of the inner vagina and the uterus. For most women any penis longer than six inches can reach deep enough to create at least such sensations. However, it is also clear that the shorter the penis, the less stimulation the inner vagina and uterus will receive. Longer penises also cause more vaginal satisfaction in the first two inches of the vagina. This part is jam-packed with touch-sensitive nerves and a long penis causes more and longer friction during each stroke in and out - with less effort required. Penetration by a large penis causes heavy stimulation of the end of the vagina and of the vagina entrance.
long penis fornices
Other Ways Long Penises Affect Vaginal Satisfaction
Long penises don't slip out as much as shorter ones during intercourse. A man with a lengthy penis can penetrate a woman in any position he wants. Some positions are simply impossible for less endowed men, especially when the guy wants to do some heavy thrusting. Doggy style is the worst because not only will a shorter guy slip out, he also loses a couple of inches in length due to the girl's butt cheeks! If the girl's shoulders are positioned lower than her hips, then the depth of the vagina increases since her uterus actually pulls the vagina due to the gravity. In this position even an average six-seven inch long penis won't reach the back of the vagina unless the guy uses a hooked ninety-degree attack angle.
(It is worth noting that sometimes a penis is so long that it actually causes less stimulation for one simple reason: As soon as the woman can't take the whole length, she loses out on the sensations that are normally caused by the contact between both bodies during each thrust. More in particular it is the man's pubic bone and his slapping testicles that by repetitively thumping to her clitoris and exterior genitals create extra pleasure and will help her to achieve an orgasm.)
Vaginal Satisfaction From A Thick Penis: Stimulation From Penis Girth

Why women prefer a thick penis:
  • More friction and deep stimulation of sides of vagina
  • Dilation of vagina (feeling of being "open/full") - this creates an itching lust feeling I can't quite put into words (GetHung)
  • Greater stimulation of the G-Spot and Vaginal Fornices
A thick penis causes more vaginal satisfaction because the extra girth increases the friction and pressure on the vaginal walls. The first few inches of these walls are packed with touch sensitive nerves. A thick penis enhances her pleasure also because it dilates the vagina and it gives more pressure and friction to the G-Spot zone and the AFE Zone (fornices and cut de sac). Women usually like the feeling of being "open", the feeling of being filled by a thick penis. Women seem to like especially the "being pulled inside out" feeling they experience from a thick penis on the outwards stroke. The thicker the penis, the more the vagina walls cling to it and the more she will have such sensations.
A thick penis gives also more sensation to the clitoris.
Many people believe that clitoral orgasms won't benefit from extra penis size. However, the clitoris is larger than just the visible part on the outside.
The 'body' of the clitoris, which connects to the glans, is about as long as the first joint of your thumb. It has two legs up to 4 inches long that flare downwards and backwards into the body. Also extending from the body of the clitoris are two bulbs, one on each side of the vaginal cavity, consisting of erectile tissue. It is obvious that a thick penis will create more stimulation on these legs and bulbs.
clitoris illustrated

A thicker penis can also contribute to a clitoral orgasm  for another reason: during penetration the tightness causes more pulling on the inner lips (labia minora). Since these connect to the clitoral hood, their movements often make the hood slide up and down over the clitoris. (Check out 'Lips that Grip' on Reddit for a visual guide to what this looks like - it's very hot seeing it in real life xD)

A few men told me that their wives often can't cum during penetration because "her vagina is too wet", she says. In fact she is only trying to make up an excuse so her guy doesn't have to feel bad about his penis. That loss of sensation is not caused by the abundance of lubrication but by the lack of penis girth. If your penis is not thick enough to cause sufficient pressure on the vagina walls, she will lose some sensation. If she argues about this then ask her if she ever told a man with a thick penis that her vagina is too wet. Rest assured that she can never be wet enough to handle a very big penis.

In short

During intercourse, most women will not experience the same sensations from a small penis as from an average penis. Moreover, the sensations caused by an average penis will usually not match those from a large one. So if you belong to those men who have a small penis and you want to satisfy your girl then you have to use other methods than purely penetration because that usually won't satisfy her enough.

On a good day when she is very excited, she might get a g-spot or vaginal orgasm from penetration alone, but in general she will always need simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris to make her orgasm.


Size Benefits in Brief:

Every extra bit of size you get helps you reap the benefits of a larger penis

1. Girls love and crave the "full" feeling

2. Size advantage lets you hit more spots

3. Great for dirty talk - you have something few other guys have and its powerful - helps the dominant / submissive talk

4. Less sexual/performance anxiety - you don't have to worry so much

5. Girls talk... - you can get a good reputation, which pays off in many settings

6. Bulge - girls stare a lot more xD

7. Dick pics (don't be stupid - make sure to flirt and build up first) can work at larger sizes

[Other benefits include making partners "love" you more - yes - strong orgasms lead to greater releases of various hormones and neurotransmitters linked to affection  and attraction. I had far, far more callbacks after one night stands at 6.5" compared to 5.5" and positive responses (despite apparently being pretty good at oral - which never gave them the deep itching desire a big D does). You will probably notice similar reactions for yourself in your own journey.]

Most Importantly...

I haven't heard of one single PE practitioner, out of many hundreds I have came across, who didn't notice significant improvements in both sex and life in general from his gains!

Think of it this way: would women still be so attracted to Brad Pitt if he had a 1" micropenis?

Just goes to show how valuable penis size can be!

We might not be Brad Pitt, but we can certainly become very well endowed!

It gives you a big advantage against the competition.

3. If it matters to you - then it does matter!

This point is pretty self explanatory. Much like a woman getting breast implants. If her breast size matters to her, then why shouldn't she get the breasts she wants? Would news articles constantly be trying to say "Breast size doesn't matter" ? Perhaps her motivation is partly psychological, nevertheless, the implants will likely have a positive effect on her psychology, making size matter.

4. Experiences of those who have undergone an increase in penis size

1. Guy who went from (6.25" BPEL, 4.5" girth) to (8.25" BPEL, 5.75" girth)

GetHung Blog Post Here

2. Married Reddit user u/sdbilli68

Reddit Thread

"Okay....Well me and my wife agreed on me trying PE, both for the increased sexual satisfaction and the novelty of wondering if it actually worked! Me and the wife had always had a great sex life and I wasn’t around 6 3/8” I just felt my penis did not fit my body...being 6’1” and 235. Anyway, the enlargement process is gradual even at 1/8” per month which was my average, so the reaction for a SO will be gradual as a point. Once I got around 8” my wife started playing with my dick more, starting looking at it more and wanting to see me naked. Also her jealousy increased and paid more attention to other women’s reactions with me so you are gonna have to deal with that as well. As far as sex....she has an increased sexual appetite, enjoys foreplay more and the wetness and orgasms are something never experienced before in our marriage. The one big surprise for me was her increased desire for anal sex is out the roof and she says the orgasms are better because I can hit a different spot in there she didn’t even know she had. I mean she is petite at 5’1” and 130 and how she takes it and where it goes I don’t know but she likes a pounding, either vaginally or anally or both. We took before and after pics and look at them sometimes and laugh about how it actually worked. The end result was a win for both of us and as I have said before...spend the money and get the good stuff....get a routine and stick to it religiously and good things will happen."

3. Bib's Story

GetHung Blog Post

"When every time (almost) that I measured, I saw an increase, I was astounded. I still can’t believe it. When I pass a mirror naked and catch a glimpse, I still do a double take. Also, I catch my wife looking all the time, naked or clothed. She looks at my crotch more than my face. I also catch other women looking all the time (clothed of course).

This weekend I took a 30-hour continuing education class. There were about 20 women and 15 men. I sat at the 2nd table from the back on one side, kind of in a corner. The first day I wore boxers with shorts. Thereafter I wore boxers and sweat pants. Almost all the women in the class stared at my crotch. I told all who asked that I am married. By the 2nd day, I had the 7 best-looking women in the class sitting around me. They ranged from 24 to 33 in age. I’m 43 and not bad looking, but nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I have never been that popular.

About my wife; I told her very early, about 3-4 months after I started. The difference in sex was already very noticeable to me, and I new she would ask about it soon. She was already having much more powerful orgasms. I explained the whole thing on a trip. She said she had noticed a difference. When we returned home, I showed her Tom’s site and showed her what I did while she was at work and the kids in school. She thought it was a little weird but supported me. She thought it was analogous to women wanting larger breasts.

When I got to nine inches, she started talking about how it was long enough and didn’t want any more length. I can’t go in all the way; it hurts her when I hit bottom. But she liked the girth and wanted me to continue trying to get some more (if I wanted). She likes trying new positions that we can do now. We still are doing different things. It is still a new toy. I almost never ask for sex. She always starts the proceedings.

At first, she was fairly amazed at the increase. My penis has been the #1 topic of conversation for a long time and I don’t always bring it up. She still talks about it, but seems more interested in using it. She knows I am probably in the 99th percentile for length, but it doesn’t matter to her. It’s not like; “wow my man has a big pecker!” She would still love me and stay with me if I had my “old” penis. But the sex is a lot better and she will admit that."


4. My own experience of going from 5.5" length to 6.5"

GetHung Blog Post

"I myself notice:

1. More call backs from hookups - going out all night for some random hookup is far less rewarding if they ghost you than if they keep coming back for more

2. Sex just feels more right -> went from the oral ‘master’ (Yeah, doesn’t keep them coming back) to having girls praising the D. Funnily enough, from my experience, the girls that like sex the most, like the D the most. If they want clitoral orgasms, they can get a vibrator, if they want the deep satisfied feeling, they call back. (Foreplay is obviously important, but it is that - foreplay- like a warm up!)

3. Can, (with some v aggressive thrusting), just about reach some spots to create legitimate vocal moaning/ orgasms - the power when they can’t control their moaning is a great feeling - never happened at 5.5”!"


5. M9ter's Story

GetHung Blog - Extract from his book

"Like most guys I had always wanted to be bigger, but honestly thought it mattered more to me than women. Basically I believed the often repeated lie that size didn't matter.

The reality, however, changed my life forever.

When I finally had the courage to be with a girl that I really liked and trusted, she laughed and commented once we were naked and then made an excuse to leave. I never heard from her again. I was broken inside…. devastated."
"Starting with the techniques available at the time, (jelqing and manual stretching) I had the initial fast gains that so many men report. I was overjoyed..! That first realization that PE really worked was *one of the most incredible experiences of my life*.
For a while it was as though I had won the lottery, but those techniques eventually stopped producing gains (I was about 6.5" x 5" then if I recall) no matter how many jelqing reps or stretches I did. I had hit a plateau and spent almost a year desperately searching for a solution.
It was around that time that I discovered through my research into Priapism what is now called modified jelqing. Between that revelation and the introduction of a new, solid pewter all day stretching device (ADS) a modified Circle Device by Dfrance Company (company is now closed) that I wore sometimes up to 16 hours a day.....I was able to get to that magic 8x6!
Dating before had been a game of anxiety, but with the added confidence I had with my new size really worked. Before I knew it, I had dated several women before meeting my first girlfriend who couldn't stop talking about it.
Fast forward a few girlfriends later and plenty of stories later, and I was married with children of my own."

M9's Book

5. GLL's experience

Good Looking Loser Blog Post - Check his site out!

"Don't try to base your opinion on what women "claim".
Don't base it on lesser endowed guys.
If it matters to YOU- then it matters.

If it doesn't- then it doesn't matter as much.

If you've found this page, then it probably matters.
Cool, do something about it :)"
"I think skeptical guys (who aren't yet big) underestimate what a positive effect it can have on their sex/overall life. When I decided to improve my size, I didn't predict or picture myself getting blowjobs in hot tubs while 5 or 10 people watched silently, how some of my hockey teammates politely asked me if they could sit quietly in my closet to so they could watch me have sex with a hot girl later that night, or how girls and guys in my social circles would talk about my size to each other. It's was so reassuring when I'd (get the impression) that my fuck-buddies would often ditch their other, previous fuck-buddies after we banged a handful of times. I'm not even THAT fuckin big! Needless to say, I walk around "like I have a huge dick," and it was worth the effort. I put the time in.. When I decided to improve my size, I didn't predict or picture myself getting blowjobs in hot tubs while 5 or 10 people watched silently, how some of my hockey teammates politely asked me if they could sit quietly in my closet to so they could watch me have sex with a hot girl later that night, or how girls and guys in my social circles would talk about my size to each other. It's was so reassuring when I'd (get the impression) that my fuck-buddies would often ditch their other, previous fuck-buddies after we banged a handful of times. I'm not even THAT fuckin big! Needless to say, I walk around "like I have a huge dick," and it was worth the effort. I put the time in."

6. Length is underrated - Reddit Post

GetHung Copy Here


5. Male-Male competition

 There is a distribution of different penis size across all males, much like there is for height and muscle mass. This matters because ultimately, through penis enlargement, you are improving a key attribute of yourself compared to everyone else. As can be seen in the table below, even a gain of 1" can make a huge difference to how you stack up against other males


[Full Post]

"In this post, I will be taking you through the most accurate statistics I could find on penis size distribution and explaining exactly what they mean in the context of getting bigger. Especially compared to other guys, which is what we all want to know. Girls and Ladies are very picky. We must play, and win the game. Let's do this."

Figure 1 - Cumulative Percentiles for Penis Size (Eg 50% means 50% are that size or below, 75% means you are equal to or larger than 75% of guys)

 penis size length girth


Key Points

1. Most penis sizes are very close to each other - I like to relate this data spread to height in feet- there are lots of 5'0 - 6'6 people around (63.5% of penises are 5"-6.5")- whereas both below 4'0" and above 7'6" are very rare (1.7% and 1.63% of penises are below 4" and above 7.5" respectively)

2. This means that even a 1" penis length gain can make a massive difference against the competition! For example taking you from 4.75" (bottom 11.3% of guys) to 5.75" (average)

3. A 2" length gain, which is harder but can be done with good training, can take you from a near miropenis (3") - in the bottom 0.04% of guys - to a solid 5", which is close to average. Or you can go from small to above average.

4. A 3" length gain, which is possible for those who consistently train for 2+ years, can take a guy from 4" (bottom 1.7%) to 7" - bigger than 93.4% of all men! Or even a micropenis to average

(Currently 4" is considered a "ceiling" for PE, as most practitioners are satisfied with their gains, although methods are constantly improving and there is no reason why larger gains can't be made, if required) This can allow ANYONE, from however small, to truly GET HUNG

5. This is a similar story for girth - every extra inch massively helps you against the competition


6. Conclusions

The evidence is clear - SIZE DOES MATTER

You have a chance to change your one life. 

Seize it.

You'll only regret you didn't start sooner.

That’s what this site is ultimately all about: empowerment - whether that is increased confidence, having a better sex life or improving your relationships.


Still skeptical about penis enlargement? Read this 

Want to learn more, from an Enlargement Hall of Famer? Read this

Looking for the best extender on the market? Check out the Sizedoctor Pro




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