Bib's History - From 6 to 10.5 Inches in 2 Years!

This is from Bib, one of the PE pioneers of years past and creator of the BibHanger device - one of the first serious weight hanging devices on the market.
Below is an example setup for reference. Pretty brutal huh?
Bib Hanger
Bib Hanger
I find that his description of his own experience of getting bigger, how that changes sex and relationships, fits with those of a number of others I have talked to, alongside the orgasm science and gut instinct. Guys instinctively know size matters.
"I wrote this a long time ago. Sounds like while I was still doing maintenance hanging, cementing, and some Uli work. I cannot remember the context for everything, but thought it might be interesting.

Bib's History

Well, I must apologize. Many guys have asked about my PE career and I have replied that it was in one of the forums somewhere, just do a search. Well, several have said they could not find it, so I did a search and could not find it. Uh, sorry.

So, here it is. Some stuff has probably been left out. I did not save all the longer posts, but I found these.

I started out at a little less than 6” erect by 5 inches girth. The girth is estimated because I did not measure until much later after starting. My penis was rather uniform in girth before starting to hang. The upper shaft did not gain much if anything while only hanging. When I did measure after a few months, the upper shaft was five inches, so that is about where I started. The base was much larger at that time.

The last time I measured, I was still at 10.5 by 6.5 upper shaft, and 7 at the base. The length took about two years after which I worked on girth for sixteen months while also continuing to hang at lesser stress levels in order to cement length gains.

I started in June ‘98 by hanging under the guidance of the old Tom Hubbard site, and the original PEforums. Seems like forever. I started with a loop type hanger, but quickly realized that was dangerous. Then I began making better and more complicated hangers. I eventually, after about six months or so, worked up to hanging all day, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, as well as a couple of sets at night when family had gone to bed. Usually, with privacy, I would hang a few sets on the weekend. Rarely did I take an extended break.

When eventually I stopped hanging, I had worked my max weight up to 45 lbs. Very intense. I did my Ulis for girth with an Uli thing. Many sets per day.

Other stuff:

This was in the FAQ section. I guess it fell off the board.

I thought PE was a crock. I didn’t believe anything on Tom’s site. But it is well written and seemed honest. I had most of what was needed to get started so I just tried it. I was kind of like Soma and other guys. I saw some good early gains and things took off from there. I kind of got carried away and ended up doing PE a lot more than I thought I would. But I like it.

When every time (almost) that I measured, I saw an increase, I was astounded. I still can’t believe it. When I pass a mirror naked and catch a glimpse, I still do a double take. Also, I catch my wife looking all the time, naked or clothed. She looks at my crotch more than my face. I also catch other women looking all the time (clothed of course).

This weekend I took a 30-hour continuing education class. There were about 20 women and 15 men. I sat at the 2nd table from the back on one side, kind of in a corner. The first day I wore boxers with shorts. Thereafter I wore boxers and sweat pants. Almost all the women in the class stared at my crotch. I told all who asked that I am married. By the 2nd day, I had the 7 best-looking women in the class sitting around me. They ranged from 24 to 33 in age. I’m 43 and not bad looking, but nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I have never been that popular.

About my wife; I told her very early, about 3-4 months after I started. The difference in sex was already very noticeable to me, and I new she would ask about it soon. She was already having much more powerful orgasms. I explained the whole thing on a trip. She said she had noticed a difference. When we returned home, I showed her Tom’s site and showed her what I did while she was at work and the kids in school. She thought it was a little weird but supported me. She thought it was analogous to women wanting larger breasts.

When I got to nine inches, she started talking about how it was long enough and didn’t want any more length. I can’t go in all the way; it hurts her when I hit bottom. But she liked the girth and wanted me to continue trying to get some more (if I wanted). She likes trying new positions that we can do now. We still are doing different things. It is still a new toy. I almost never ask for sex. She always starts the proceedings.

At first, she was fairly amazed at the increase. My penis has been the #1 topic of conversation for a long time and I don’t always bring it up. She still talks about it, but seems more interested in using it. She knows I am probably in the 99th percentile for length, but it doesn’t matter to her. It’s not like; “wow my man has a big pecker!” She would still love me and stay with me if I had my “old” penis. But the sex is a lot better and she will admit that.

Bigger Changes

This topic was explored a couple months ago. I wrote about it then and have thought about it from time to time. I’ve also palpated and tried to compare my penis now to my penis almost two years ago. It’s impossible to come up with anything concrete. Of course there is no way to utilize scientific method in a situation like this. The horse is out of the barn, and you can’t put him back. But I will state the facts again and give some educated guesses/opinions. Ok, here goes…..

General appearance

PrePE my unit was fairly nondescript. When erect, it was not impressive; fairly pale, little venation, smallish head, at best ordinary. Now, it always has much more color (erect or flaccid), prominent veins, and larger head/glans. Wife described as “a little scary” recently; no offense intended or taken.


First you must realize, my penis is not just much bigger (4.5”erect). The entire area is completely different from when I started. I would describe my genitals prePE as infantile. Almost complete retraction when flaccid into the body (nuts also). After almost two years of work, everything now hangs; is very prominent. Obviously the ligaments that support the entire area have been stretched/grown to express this difference.

Further, the penis was extremely high. It had never “hung” when flaccid, semi-hard etc. It pointed up (head) when flaccid, and as it became erect extended straight up. Now the best it can do is straight out when erect. I think it requires too much pressure from blood to allow it to go any higher. As it fills with blood, it hangs lower (gravity) which requires increased pressure to overcome gravity.

Where it exited my body was several inches away from the “base” or the prostate. Now it is what I consider normal. It exits much lower, only a couple inches from the prostate.

I know that I had good early gains from this ligament stretch; from everything being pulled down and out of my body. If I had to estimate, I would say around two inches.


However I also know that my head used to be well below my navel when laying down and erect. Possibly 2-3 inches below. Now it is a couple inches above my navel. If all gains were from lig stretch, I don’t think this would be possible. Unless penis inside the body was pulled “out” which allowed it to go “up” further when laying down. There may be some truth to that but I don’t think very much.

I know that the tunicae does grow/stretch. I have never said this before, but after a couple months of the uli#3, there is no doubt. I am now well attuned to my tunicae. I can “feel it” when it is under great pressure from the exercise. I can actually feel the stretch just like any other stretch. I know that it is stretching/growing laterally. I feel it does the same lengthwise. I have since realized that I feel the same thing when hanging. It is just not as pronounced.

More mass, stretching Vs growing

I am relatively certain that all gains are not simply from stretch. I have had a huge increase in the amount of flaccid mass. With no blood engorgement, there is MUCH more mass than before outside of my body. Several times more mass. Some I am sure was simply pulled out, but I can not believe this is the case with all of it. When flaccid, I can still feel a lot of mass within my body as well as the mass outside. I do not believe I had just a little mass outside and a whole lot inside prePE. I feel certain the stresses placed on my member have resulted in an increase in tissue. I have no idea of the mechanisms involved in this or the type(s) of tissue.

Permanency, future

Since starting PE, I have worried about this issue. I don’t worry much anymore since reading of Sean’s experience and thinking about it a little. In my case, it would seem to be like trying to put biscuit dough back in one of those cardboard containers. If I stopped PE completely; no milking, nothing, I would expect to lose a little simply from decreased health. I would not mind losing some even on a maintenance program which I intend to continue. It would be irrelevant.

I do not wish to gain any more length, and little if any girth. I do believe some work is needed for some abstract length of time to “cement” gains. A poor analogy would be: if you stretch a rubber band one time, it snaps back with little loss of integrity. If you stretch it constantly, it eventually will lose much elasticity, become longer, and become unable to return to it’s former shape. My wife does not want any more length, but would not mind a little more girth.
[GH Note - a good analogy is retainer use after using braces - after a while it is required less and less to keep the teeth in their new position]

Work, efficiency and hanging, milking, Ulis

I think you will find that the one thing all big gainers have in common is tenacity. This is expressed in the consistency and levels of work. I believe you will find that as long as the techniques are performed properly, the best results are attained by those who are able to work the most. I was lucky in that I PEed all day while working. I work at home with very infrequent interruptions. I was able to incorporate PE in my daily activities with few problems. Some men do not have the time or privacy to do this many hours per week. If they are consistent however, I feel they can achieve their goals over time. The key is consistency. Most on this forum who complain of small gains admit to little work. I believe others think they are working a lot, but are only fooling themselves. I must say I think I could have achieved the same results with less work. I probably went overboard once I realized PE was possible.

The three techniques I have experience with are hanging, milking, and Uli#3. Below are my opinions mixed with a little common sense.

I think for someone who wants length, hanging is the most efficient way to go. If done properly, I think it is also the safest and easiest. It does take time to develop a comfortable routine, but this is a one time expense. Once you have become accustomed, you can perform many activities while hanging. Therefore this aspect of PE actually can require no time.

The reason it is the safest is in the fact you are utilizing known stresses, both weight and pressure. You can with certainty increase or decrease stress loads. You must however have a safe attachment device for hanging.

With milking, the inward pressure from the hands as well as the outward pull of the arms is unknown. I think there have been many more reports on this forum of injuries or desensitizing incurred from milking than from hanging. The results may vary also from many variables. How strong are your hands/arms? How long can you exert these unknown pressures? How much stress/injury is occurred and how will you know when you have gone too far? How much actual work is achieved week to week, month to month?

I think the value in milking is in the ability to increase blood flow and therefore overall penis health. Another poor analogy is angioplasty. With milking, you are able to work on the blood vessels with the hands. As long as you don’t apply too much pressure, the massaging action alone should lead to more supple vessels, and help in plaque removal etc. Depending on the amount of pressure, I think milking can increase girth due to the lateral pressures exerted on the tunicae.

The Uli#3 is definitely more efficient however in this regard. The inner pressure that can be achieved is remarkable. I feel certain this exercise is useful in increased circulation and overall penis health also.

These are just my opinions and observations. I wish I could produce a more scientific report but I can’t. Hope it helps in some way.



  • What a load of cobblers! No pics to prove anything and you can never gain almost double in size I dont care how much you hang. After 2 years I went up 1.5inch and that’s my max!! Stop trying to give false hope, this issue is serious to some men reading this, mentally your trying to manipulate people with your falseities. 10.5 inches you bullshitter, and your wife wants more girth? She must be one loose bitch to handle your massive 10.5incher and ask for more girth. A tighter pussy would be a better ask!

  • Post pictures you fucking fraud

    Gabe Itch
  • Hey, I was hanging up to 13kg, did me no good after the first 0.5 inch.
    Unless you have photos, you are just another fraud!!

  • He is talking so much bullshit.
    Maybe he got from 5” to 6.5”, I went from 6” to 6.75”. Guess you are not that accurate when you are selling something. He is using your money to fuck top chicks with his 6”

  • Did Bib really gain from 5 to 10.5 inches in two years? I read it on Pegym that it is said to be almost three years. his story seems to be a little different. gaining 5.5 gains in two years is surely impossible. I do not believe his story. Why hasn’t he showed his pictures of before and after? Does it really exist to gain one inch in 6 months or more by hanging weights?


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