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M9ter is a reddit user and admin of the r/ajelqforyou subreddit who has gained a verified 4 inches in length and 2 inches in girth over a sporadic PE career spanning decades. His personal story shows how he got into PE, how it changed his life and gives perspective on the positive impact PE can have for countless men. We hope you guys will gain plenty of insight through reading this.

GetHung 14/6/2019

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"I've had requests for my personal story on the PE forums, so I’ve included it as an example of how PE can change your life."


From the Monster 101 Book:  CHAPTER 23: MY PERSONAL STORY

I was 25 when it all started back in 1996, over 20 years ago now...I’m getting old! I was small in my mind at 5.5" stretched flaccid length x 4.25" girth at the thickest point, with maybe roughly 3 to max 3.5" girth head (didn’t measure), and a 1" flaccid length visible, about the thickness of my thumb. The worst was that it turtled and was almost non-existent when cold.

Like most guys I had always wanted to be bigger, but honestly thought it mattered more to me than women. Basically I believed the often repeated lie that size didn't matter.

The reality, however, changed my life forever.

When I finally had the courage to be with a girl that I really liked and trusted, she laughed and commented once we were naked and then made an excuse to leave. I never heard from her again. I was broken inside…. devastated.

Determined to do something about it, I spent weeks searching the early internet for anything that worked to enlarge myself.

At the time, PE was considered a black magic art form with only a few men posting what would eventually be called Jelqing on a handful of hard to find sites. There was a magic "perfect" size that I had read about in many articles and men's forums at that time...8” length x 6” girth. I had my goal.

Starting with the techniques available at the time, (jelqing and manual stretching) I had the initial fast gains that so many men report. I was overjoyed..! That first realization that PE really worked was *one of the most incredible experiences of my life*.

For a while it was as though I had won the lottery, but those techniques eventually stopped producing gains (I was about 6.5" x 5" then if I recall) no matter how many jelqing reps or stretches I did. I had hit a plateau and spent almost a year desperately searching for a solution.

It was around that time that I discovered through my research into Priapism what is now called modified jelqing. Between that revelation and the introduction of a new, solid pewter all day stretching device (ADS) a modified Circle Device by Dfrance Company (company is now closed) that I wore sometimes up to 16 hours a day.....I was able to get to that magic 8x6!

The turning point for me and what made me decide to try dating again, was 9/11. It forced me to realize that I couldn't wait for the perfect size or moment...that life is short and I could die at any time.

I started dating again.

Dating before had been a game of anxiety, but with the added confidence I had with my new size really worked. Before I knew it, I had dated several women before meeting my first girlfriend who couldn't stop talking about it.

Fast forward a few girlfriends later and plenty of stories later, and I was married with children of my own. PE had done its job, and was gathering dust...



That was until that fateful day in 2015. My wife and I had been married for years and she had rarely commented on my size compared to all my past girlfriends. I didn't think much of it until she one day made some comments about her size preferences (you're not that big, I’ve had much larger) and it put me right back to that day years earlier....I wasn't big enough....again.

By this time, PE was lightyears advanced versus when I had first discovered it. Forums like Thunders Place, PE Gym, and other free PE advice websites were now gathering places for hundreds of thousands of men all over the world, sharing techniques and information. Excited to share my experiences and hopefully gain more size, I signed up. Known as M8ter on Thunders Place, I was named after the playful but helpful cartoon character.

I was met by disbelief, both because of what I had gained and because I had no photo proof. The starting photos I had were long gone after almost 2 decades from when I had started. Attacking PE like I had before, I gained an extra .5" in girth and .75" in length in 3 months, verifying it this time with photos, documenting every .25" increase, which I still do today. Due to my attention getting activities on another website, I was forced to quit the forums and stop PE or deal with the consequences.

Fast forward to 2017 and my wife had mellowed on both my PE and the forums. Having had bad experiences on the large PE forums, I decided to join and quickly discovered so many men on the brink of suicide or suffering from deep depression over their penis size. I decided to do something about it, getting involved and offering advice to any who were in search of it. I was bombarded by questions and still am today!

After a few weeks of answering questions, I was approached by someone tech savvy enough to help start a free PE advice forum on called ajelqforyou. My user name on is now M9ter or M9 for short. Maybe we'll see M10ter one day...

The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I can't thank all of the incredible veterans and newbies who frequent the forum enough for all their contributions. They make the forum the great community it is and have made me realize how important PE is to so many men. To that end I cruise Reddit and the internet regularly, searching for men who are looking for answers like I was years ago.

So you’re probably wondering what my current dimensions are, right?

My current dimensions as of my last measurement are 9.25” stretched flaccid length (8.75 - 9” erect), 6.75” base girth erect, 6.5” mid-shaft girth erect, with an erect head size of over 6” in girth (2” wide) and slightly over 2.25” in length.

My flaccid dimensions are currently over 6” bone pressed length and 5.5” girth mid-shaft.

[These measurements are all verified with photos]

Essentially my current flaccid size is larger than the average male is erect, so yes you could say PE really works!

Body-wise, I’m thin and my height is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, so it’s slightly out of proportion to my frame!

On a personal note, I'm an advocate of men's rights and male empowerment. Far too much emphasis has been placed on size, so it's my goal to empower men with PE so they can gain confidence in themselves and experience the joy I felt all those years ago when I discovered that PE really worked.

I humbly ask that if you are successful with your PE journey and you see another man struggling with his size and you have the opportunity to help, please do so. Pay it forward!

Your intervention may save someone’s life.

In closing, I leave you with some words I live by.

“When there are no more heroes, it is then that you must become one”.


Monster 101


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