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What is a Jelq Roller and how do you use it?

Think of a jelq roller like two rolling pins you can gently compress together with leverage [like a kitchen utensil] and think of your semi-erect penis as a bit like some warm dough you can gently shape.

Here are a couple of rough diagrams of how to use the jelq rollers, explained in the next paragraphs:

how to jelq with jelq roller for girth by gethung


Gethung jelq roller guide photo diagram and image

 (Note the basic "straight out" exercise isn't included in the above diagram as it would be hard to illustrate from the forward angle) 

From my experience, jelqing with rollers is FAR more intense than manual methods as it utilises leverage and the full force of your grip (compared to a 2 or 3 finger "o" shape, which is much weaker, so creates less internal pressure in the penis)

Starting with a roughly 50% erect penis, rub a small amount of lubrication onto it, such as Vaseline - this stops most skin irritation and makes the exercise smoother. If the skin dries up mid routine, add a little more.

Open up your jelq roller and push it into the base of your penis and gently squeeze the rollers together [be careful not to squeeze your balls!!]

Use one hand to pull on your penis outward as you gently squeeze with the other and start moving the rollers away from the base of your penis - keeping a consistent pressure.

Make sure to keep your penis straight near the middle of the rollers as you then use both hands to squeeze the handles and continue to move up from the base of your penis - moving the blood upwards. 

Stop once you reached just under the ridge of glans, pause if you want, then loosen the rollers grip fully, pull your foreskin back forward if you're uncircumcised, then restart the exercise from the bottom of the penis.

And repeat.

Make your reps slow and controlled - your aim is to maximise pressure safely - not rush through it

Do reps for time - you can even watch TV, listen to an audiobook or binge Youtube as you do your exercise

As you get used to it, you can start doing reps pulling the penis upwards, downwards, sideways or even gently bending it mid rep: be very careful and make sure to listen to your body as you perform this intense exercise.

See it for yourself with our GetHung Jelq Roller

Great for Super-Setting with pumping, hanging, manual stretches and more!

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