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ProExtender™ Full Value System

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All of our products come with an exclusive GetHung 30 Day Guarantee. If your product doesn't work, send it back to us for a full refund. We pride ourselves in delivering quality products and customer satisfaction. For more queries, email us at


About ProExtender

What is the ProExtender? Well, it is very simple; ProExtender is the best budget penile extender device on the market! This device was created and tested in Denmark by a physician that had spent years studying different methods for penis enlargement!

The final result of his studying and experimenting is the Pro Extender! This device was created to create gentle and comfortable traction. The body’s natural reaction to traction or stretching is the creation of new tissue. It is the same with the penis. So the penis gradually grows and the newly created tissue is permanent, so an increase in size is achieved!

Does it Work and How?

ProExtender uses traction which causes the creation of new tissue cells in the body part that is being stretched. If you apply a gentle and constant amount of traction on the penis the cells will start creating new tissue trying to reconnect the damaged cells. We already mention that the same principle was used by various tribes throughout history, so the principle itself is a well-known fact; we only have a new device.

The procedure is quite simple; you attach the device on your penis, similar like a penis pump just there is no tube here. The device has a rubber ring, which goes on the head and its purpose is the comfort. After you attach it then you create tension or traction.

How much you wear it and how much traction you apply are the two most important factors that influence the growth of the penis. But you shouldn’t overdo it. There should be a bit of discomfort and tension, this is normal. But there shouldn’t be any soreness or pain after you take off the device. If you are experiencing this it means that you placed too much pressure on it. In this case, take a break, let the pain go away, and then you can start again!

Design and Packaging

Design and Package ProExtender
This product was designed for use on a flaccid penis. Sizes start from 2 inches up to 7 inches (18cm). The package includes the ProExtender penile extender device; set of elongation bars; a strap to help with comfort.

For those longer than 7 inches, we would recommend the SizeDoctor Pro.
Note that these two devices are not only for increasing your size; they can also help with penis curvature!

Is the Increase Permanent?

For a lot of people that are looking into penis extenders increasing the size of their penis is a goal. 

 Penile extenders give a permanent solution. All the inches that you get with ProExtender are there to stay! This is a clinically tested and proven fact! Regardless of the part of the body, every increase created by traction in the body is permanent.

Clinical Trials and Results

In Barcelona, at the First International Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery a study by the name of ‘Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching’ was presented by Jorn Ege Siana. Jorn Erge Signa is a medical doctor from Copenhagen.

In this study, he claims that regular use of ProExtender on average gave the users an increase of 2.8cm (1.1 inches), which is an increase of an erect penis. These measurements were taken after 1100 hours of using ProExtender. He reported an average increase of 1.9mm on a weekly basis.

Clinical Trials and Results

Who is ProExtender for?

  • Firstly, it is for men that want to increase the size of their penis with risking any costly, invasive surgeries or medical procedures, which might damage the health and function of their penis.
  • Confidence and size are related. So men that want that confidence boost will also get a bigger penis.
  • A bigger penis might give you and your partner more fun in the bedroom.
  • Men that have penile curvature (Peyrione's Disease), and want to fix this condition can use ProExtender to straighten their penis too!

ProExtender and Penile Curvature

Currently, the best solution for penile curvature is a traction device. Nothing else even compares in terms of results. ProExtender is one of the best penis extenders available on the market, and one of the best devices for treating the condition of penile curvature. ProExtender applies gentle but constant pressure on the penis. This traction helps with the curved scar tissue of the penis and slowly but surely making it straight as an arrow! You can wear ProExtender under your clothes and go about your regular business, even at work. We mentioned before the inventor of ProExtender, Doctor Jorn Ege Siana. He created this device to help his patients after penis related surgeries to give the best chance for a full recovery. So today it used in both Europe and the US and doctors in some cases even recommend it as an alternative option to surgery!

There are only benefits to using a traction device. Side effects are virtually non-existent, maybe slight discomfort, but that is to be expected and we wouldn’t really classify that as a side-effect. Now, when it comes to advantages of ProExtender there are many. Just to list a few:

  • Virtually no side effects
  • Low cost compared to surgery
  • No risk compared to surgery
  • You can use it at your own convenience
  • Some pills have been proven to help in the treatment of penile curvature, but these treatments can be quite expensive compared to ProExtender

Now it is important to note that before you make any decisions, you should visit your physician and get the opinion of an expert. People are different and bodies are different, get a trained professional to take a look at you before you make any decision that might affect your health!

About the Usage of ProExtender

Usage of ProExtender

 So, take it out of the box and out the base ring and the elongation bars over your soldier. After that put the head of the penis through the silicon ring at the top. You can choose the amount of traction by simply twisting the bars on the side. In certain cases, you could use the additional elongation bar to achieve a stronger traction. ProExtender should be worn for about 4 hours a day in the beginning and after some time you can start increasing the amount of time up to 12 hours per day.

Just follow the instructions that come with the package and you almost can’t make a mistake with the ProExtender. Also, we have mentioned this before, but it is important so here it is one more time; Do not overdo it! It is important to be patient and not use too much traction. In case that you do, you will feel a higher level of discomfort than usual and you will experience soreness and maybe even some pain after removing the device. In this situation, it is important to take a break until the pain and soreness go away. Be patient, there is no magic pill. ProExtender works but it needs time!

Side Effects Related to use of the ProExtender

There are some potential side effects related to using this device. If you are using a traction device for the first time you should pay extra attention to some things simply because you don’t know how your body is going to react.

We talked about this before; discomfort is something that is expected, especially at the start of using ProExtender. If you work out regularly, take off the device before you exercise because it might cause irritation and redness of the skin.

Some users have said that they felt sore at the start. That is also to be expected at the beginning but if it continues after a week or longer, then take a break and reduce the amount of traction.

If you have a medical condition, and you think that the device might not work because that condition then it is best to consult a physician in that case.

Does the Pro-Extender Really Work?

Simply put, yes it works! It is not a magical device that provides results overnight, but it works. It is important to be patient with this device, give it time and don’t put too much stress on the penis, cause it might cause some pain and soreness.

ProExtender works on the principle of traction. We have mentioned this before and this principle of traction is not new to humankind. People have been modifying their body parts based on this principle for a millennium if not longer. So the cells in the penis are damaged because of the constant traction and they divide in order to fix the damage of the stretching and thus create new tissue. This damage is microscopic, and that is what creates the feeling of soreness or pain if you put too much traction on your penis. This process continues for as long as you are wearing the device. The two most important factors that will determine your results are how much do you wear it during the day and how long do you use it. If you use ProExtender as per the instructions that come with the package you will have no problems, and you will be able to minimise the pain and discomfort.

Read a full proof that penis enlargement works HERE 

Reviews of ProExtender

Male Enlargement Device

All devices which are used have reviews that tell different stories. Some users are overjoyed in their reviews. Some reviews are abysmal. So it is the same with ProExtender reviews. There are mixed reviews about it online. But reviews depend on the achieved results. And we already said that the results of ProExtender do not come overnight and some people simply don’t have the patience. So they said that the process is too slow. Some completely stopped using ProExtender because they didn’t have the discipline to wear it regularly.

Some were unhappy about the price of ProExtender. They said that both packages were costly, and also that the basic one does not include extra parts. Those parts have to be bought separately.

And this is all true, but it is a matter of perspective. If you want real and permanent results then ProExtender is the best penis extender device on the market! Remember that all that offer quick gains are lying and probably scamming. If you don’t have the patience or the discipline this device is not for you.
When it comes to price, yes it might be a bit more costly than competitors. But when you are buying something that is to be used on your body and can influence your health and happiness, don’t you want the best for yourself? Well, this is for people that want the best for themselves.

Reviews of ProExtender

History of Stretching Around the World

skin stretching lip plate woman

Throughout the history of humanity, people have been finding different ways of making certain parts of the body longer and bigger. It was done so for beauty or status. Various African tribes did this with their lips, ears, and noses. Some even did this with their necks.

Based on that scientists started searching for a solution for a universal male concern, size of their penis. We know that stretching or traction creates new tissue or it encourages the growth of a certain body part that is being regularly stretched! There are many penis extenders currently available on the market, but we think that ProExtender is one of the best, if not the best product currently available on the market!

Men around the world, nowadays have the same concern. Whether they will perform well enough during sex, is their woman going to be satisfied and they worry about size. The number of men that worry is in millions, so it is logical that people have been thinking about how to change this, how to solve this problem. After this very short introduction we gave, now you know that penis extenders have been around for quite some time now, and ProExtender is the pinnacle of the evolution of penile extenders!


Well firstly, we think that ProExtender is the best budget penis extender on the market! The price is a bit higher than your average penis extender, but ProExtender is not an average device. The competition has improved the technology a lot since 1994. And the pinnacle of this evolution is the ProExtender device. If you want real, permanent results ProExtender is the device for you. If you want magic and overnight results ProExtender cannot help you, well nothing can help you! Patience and discipline will go a long way with Pro Extender and after 6 months to a year, you will be able to a real increase based on how many hours a day you are using it!

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